NC Minerals is a regional supplier of agricultural and industrial minerals located strategically in the Midwestern United States. We have been in business for over 25 years serving customers throughout the US and Canada. We offer bulk and packaged freight quotations for a wide of array of products from several plant locations, and we are completely commited to fulfilling our customer’s product requirements.


Our customer commitment begins with our mission, which is to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to provide all customers with products and services that make their plants and processes better. Call us anytime at 952-212-6541 for your mineral solutions.


NC Mineral’s products are fundamental and versatile, appropriate for many market applications. Try ourproducts as offsets or new offerings and see for yourself how they can improve the recipe in your agricultural or industrial processes. NC Minerals offers bulk, one ton super sacks, 50# bags, 40# pails, blending, and transportation on all its mineral products. We will deliver to your facility or you can pick up at ours. NC Minerals will help you best utilize the most efficient means of delivery, whether water, rail or road, from one ton to thousands of tons.

NC Mineral’s quality clay deposits and processing
facilities offer our customers high purity,
dioxin-free Kaolin Clay in 5 distinct gradations,
from micron sized to dust-free granulations.
We also offer bentonite and API clay products.

  • K12 TDS - 4x14 Mesh
  • K16 TDS - 16x40 Mesh
  • K25 TDS - 200 Mesh
  • K80 TDS - 325 Mesh
  • Kaolin Clay MSDS
  • Kosher Certification
  • Dioxin Free Statement

Products available in bulk, 3000# Totes, and 50# Bags.

NC Minerals offers high quality, fiber-free talc products.
State-of-the-art processing will offer the final consumer a huge advantage in their finished products.

  • T30 TDS
  • T50 TDS
  • Talc MSDS

Products available in bulk, 3000# Totes, and 50# Bags.

NC Minerals’ calcium or sodium bentonite products are pure and consistent,
maintaining the highest standards in the industry. Upon a trial, the user will find
our manufactured clays to be better than their current source,
and our just in time delivery service will maintain your targeted inventory.

  • B14 – TDS / MSDS
  • B62 – TDS / MSDS

Products available in bulk, 3000# Totes, and 50# Bags.

We offer calcium carbonate in several locations
to provide our customers the benefit of high purity
with the economics they expect from calcium carbonate.

  • C6 TDS – 4 x 14 Mesh
  • C22 TDS – 20 x 100 Mesh
  • C50 TDS – 200 Mesh
  • C90 TDS – 325 Mesh
  • Calcium Carbonate MSDS
  • Dioxin Free Statement

Products available in bulk, 3000# Totes, and 50# Bags.

NC Minerals has many years of experience in transportation of dry bulk and packaged mineral products.
We have clean, professional equipment and a reliable supply network. Experience, resources and geography
will prove to be the defining factor in your quailty freight offering.

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